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Bordeaux FĂȘte le Vin, an unmissable event for wine lovers!

Published 22/06/2023

Every year, Bordeaux pays homage to its beverage par excellence: wine! The festival is a major event in the city and, as everybody knows, its history is intimately linked with wine… so much so that its name has even become a colour! Thanks to its location, in the heart of Bordeaux next to the city hall (which yes, is still standing despite the social media reports of it...

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The Home of Translation is helping protect the planet!

Published 11/12/2015

  In the past six weeks we have translated as many as 200,000 words on climate change and the environment through articles, press releases and official reports relating to the COP21 event. The Home of Translation is proud to be taking part in the international work to protect the Earth and promote the renewal of its natural resources, and at the same time our translators have...

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Top tips for a tip-top holiday

Published 22/07/2015

It’s that time of year when the sun is shining and you’re counting down the days to your holiday… but going away can sometimes be tiring (we often come home feeling like we need another holiday to recover!) or stressful to organize. To get the most out of this year’s vacation The Home of Translation has been doing some research into top holiday tips. Here are our three...

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Bordeaux, much more than wine!

Published 02/06/2015

Photo: Violeta Alegre

Not far from the French Basque Country and just 250 km from Spain is a city that has achieved something that none other has: it has given a name to a colour. I’m talking, of course, about Bordeaux, from where I’m writing. The Home of Translation was born in Bordeaux and is a blend of nationalities from all over the world (see Who are we ?). Bordeaux has been voted European...

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Google Translate: holidays at your own risk!

Published 12/08/2014

Yes we know you’re on holiday and very busy relaxing! But as you are taking a break looking at our blog, let us reassure you that if your holidays or those of your guests visiting France are going well, it is certainly partly due to translators who remain on call during this highly risky period, the summer holidays! You don’t believe us? Have you noticed that your holidays are...

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