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Bordeaux, much more than wine!

Published 02/06/2015

Photo: Violeta Alegre

Not far from the French Basque Country and just 250 km from Spain is a city that has achieved something that none other has: it has given a name to a colour. I’m talking, of course, about Bordeaux, from where I’m writing. The Home of Translation was born in Bordeaux and is a blend of nationalities from all over the world (see Who are we?).

Bordeaux has been voted European Best Destination 2015, so we have decided to take a look at some of its features and anecdotes, apart from (let’s face it!) what everybody knows: that there is great wine in Bordeaux. 

Photo: Violeta Alegre

Photograph: Violeta Alegre

Bordeaux, a city where anything can happen

If you go to Bordeaux, keep your eyes peeled because all around you legendary things may happen, and if you don’t believe me ask the early-morning commuters who met a lama in the tram: the circus animal named Serge who was thrust into international limelight after his night-time adventures. In the streets of Bordeaux you might also cross a lorry-full of coloured cows, or see the front end of a Jaguar (the car, not the animal) sticking out of the wall of a building…


Bordeaux, a futuristic city

There are plenty projects that Bordeaux and its conurbation have in store for us, which are worth taking a look at.

Here are two examples on either side of the river Garonne:

  • The Cité des Civilisations du Vin: a modern, international centre all about wine in the shape of a bubble of champagne… or an upturned mushroom depending on how you’re feeling!
  • The Cascades de Garonne: on the other side of the river, an aqua centre containing waterfalls and swimming pools will be very welcome on hot summer days, even though we already have the Miroir d'Eau.


Photo credit: Jean-Michel Ruols

Photograph: Jean-Michel Ruols

We’re really looking forward to the new developments!

We shall leave it here for now but will be back soon with plenty of other fascinating facts. Let’s raise a glass to Bordeaux!


The team at the Home of Translation.


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