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Translation at the interface between humans and machines

What is post-editing ?

Post-editing entails the manual correction of an automatic translation generated by a machine, otherwise known as machine translation. The post-editor’s job is to review the machine translation and correct any errors concerning grammar, syntax or vocabulary.

Post-editingA far cry from the fumbling results of the earliest machines, automatic translation is now a powerful, reliable tool for translators, capable of producing quality texts in certain fields and styles of language.

What are the advantages for the client?

The main advantage of post-editing is that it is faster than translation, allowing shorter delivery times and lower rates. Our post-editors are all also experienced translators with an excellent understanding of the challenges involved, guaranteeing the highest level of quality for our clients for less!

What texts can post-editing be used for?

Although post-editing is very efficient for some texts, it is not suitable for all. Certain texts, such as literary ones containing multiple idiomatic expressions, require specific cultural knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the target language to ensure the translation is written in an appropriate style. In these cases, post-editing is not recommended.


For advice on whether your text is suitable for post-editing, or if you’d like more information, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!


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