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Tailored language services by specialists

The Home of Translationby Peter Hancock & Garry Hutton

More than 60 languages

At the Home of Translation our professional translators will translate your documents, publications or correspondence into any foreign language. Our teams of interpreters will make your conference or seminar a success - anywhere in the world.

A range of services available

As well as translating, our team will also draft and finalise your text in the target language, proofread documents, transcribe and translate audio and video files, offer linguistic advice etc.

Sworn translators and interpreters

Our sworn translators will provide you with certified translations of your administrative documents, certificates, contracts or any other document required for official or legal purposes, and guarantee a high quality interpreting service for all your commercial or legal needs.

  • ISO 9001 certified
  • ISO 17100 certified

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The blogBy the Home of Translation

FAQ: to hyphenate or not to hyphenate?

A common mistake in written English is the incorrect use (or omission) of hyphens between words. Which is correct: “high-tech” or “high tech”? “20th century” or “20th-century”? The answer is: both. The need to hyphenate two words depends entirely on the context, i.e. their meaning and their position in the sentence. Hyphens should be used in the following cases: When two words are used together as an adjective before a...

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