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Quality undertakings

Translation methods

We set ourselves high standards in our translation and interpreting services and have adopted working methods that are backed up by rigorous quality control processes.

Requirement n°1: native speakers
This may seem an obvious requirement but is sadly not always the case as many agencies unfortunately use non-native translators. The Home of Translation only uses professionals who translate or interpret into their mother tongue, guaranteeing a natural-sounding translation with all the idioms and turns of phrase that make each language unique.

Requirement n°2: specialised translators
Everybody wants their translations to be done by a professional who is knowledgeable in the relevant subject. This is why we use specialised translators with several years of experience translating and working in their specialist fields, ensuring accurate translations no matter how technical the text is.

Requirement n° 3: certification and compliance with ISO norms
The highest level of internationally-recognised certification issued by accreditation organisations is the ISO standard. The Home of Translation has achieved certification in ISO 17100:2015, specific to Translation services, and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management systems. To find out more about these certifications, visit our ISO quality standards page.

Our method

Before starting work we assess your project and establish your needs. We commit to providing a quote quickly, within a maximum of two hours.
Depending on the project we draw up a delivery schedule to allow you to see the work’s progress.
Proofreading by a second expert is an integral part of our translation service and ensures that translations are coherent and read fluently, because we belive that two heads are better than one. This process also allows our translators to develop and fine-tune their style by pooling their ideas, experience and techniques.
Quality is a priority at the Home of Translation, and we believe it is important to carry out ongoing appraisals of our staff as well as systematic proofreading. This is why we use specialists to assess our translations and provide feedback to our translators, thus maintaining a high level of quality and strengthening our knowledge base.
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