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A dedicated team

Who are we?

A team at your service

  • Co-founder

    Peter Hancock
  • Co-founder

    Garry Hutton
  • Finance and Administration Manager

    Murielle Faure
  • Translation, Proofreading, Project Management

    Cloé Crétal
  • Translation, Desktop Publishing and Project Management, Environmental Officer

    Rosie Bertrand
  • Customer Management, Commercial Management

    Sophie Dubois
  • Translation, Proofreading, Community Management, Project Management

    Violeta Alegre
  • Interpreting Project Manager

    Alexis Gstalder
  • Translation, Proofreading

    Dean Frances
  • Translation, Proofreading, Project Management, Environmental Officer for Bordeaux

    Solène Ferri
  • Proofreading

    Kevin Deegan
  • Translation, Proofreading, Project Management

    Jayne Mc Kenzie
  • Translation, Project Management, Environmental Officer for Lyon

    Rosie Marsland
  • Project Management, Translation, Proofreading

    Dylan Mudhoo
  • Translation

    Claudia Napoli
  • Public Tenders Manager

    Britnay Rouillé
  • Project Management

    Kyra Krebs

A team of professional translators

As well as our team of translators based in Bordeaux and Paris, The Home of Translation works with a network of over 200 professional translators from all over the world, mastering an impressive range of different languages.

A global network of professionals

With as many as 25 years of experience our translators, interpreters, proof-readers and copywriters offer their services in a wide variety of specialist fields, including:

  • industry, business, finance and economics,
  • law and administration,
  • science, IT, technology and medicine

See all our specialisations

The quality of language: a shared passion

At The Home of Translation we have established a sound, longstanding relationship of trust with our partners. They share our values and priorities: quality, accuracy and fluency.

History of The Home of Translation

The story began in 1997 when Peter Hancock and Garry Hutton, both from England, founded the translation and interpreting company Hancock Hutton Langues Services in Bordeaux. The business grew over fifteen years until, in 2013, they decided to develop the activity by creating the Home of Translation. In 2020, the company grew further with the acquisition of the Lyon-based translation agency OEC, thus enriching its skill pool and expanding its network within France.

Specialisation has always been an important feature of the firm’s progress. The company and its translators and interpreters have built up extensive expertise in the financial and legal fields, as well as in medicine, pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, CSR and many others.

The company’s biggest asset, however, is its people: Hancock Hutton has made the human dimension its priority and the personal touch its trademark in an increasingly industrialised sector. The company’s founders and staff share an enlightened vision of the translation business, where the bespoke will always be preferred over the industrial, and attention to detail is paramount.

In 2016, the Home of Translation furthered its commitment to quality by achieving certification in the ISO standards 17100:2015 Translation Services, and 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems, which were joined seven years later by ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems. These certifications guarantee sustained commitment at every level and testify to the desire for excellence in terms of quality of work and environmental impact.

The adventure continues…

We love beautiful words!

  • ISO 9001 certified
  • ISO 17100 certified
  • ISO QSL Cert ISO 14001
  • ISO QSL Cert ISO 27001

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