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Digital media services

A comprehensive range of services to meet all your linguistic needs

Transcribe or translate a sound recording or video file, add subtitles or dub a video with voices by professional actors.

The Home of Translation provides turnkey digital media services to allow you to maximise your audience for different media content including corporate films, teasers, MOOCs, conference or interview recordings.

Enhance your digital media with one or several of our turnkey services:

  • Transcription of your video or sound file in the source language, with or without time codes
  • Subtitling in any European language using a translation that has been specially adapted for reading on the screen, or in the source language for the hearing impaired. The subtitles can be added directly to your video file making it ready to use upon delivery.
  • Voice recordings with post-production. We offer dubbing (replace the original voice with a new one in another language), voice-over (add a new voice providing translation over the top of the original voice) and voice-over commentary (add an off-screen voice explaining an image or infographics etc.) We are happy to advise you according to your needs and specifications and provide a large range of languages and regional accents to choose from, all performed by professional actors for flawless video translation.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or a quote.

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