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Fields of expertise

A range of specialisations to match every need

Our translating expertise covers a wide range of specialist fields. We can translate texts on all subjects, from the most everyday (instruction manuals, e-mails) to the most technical (engineering, science, business):

Legal translations

This department is made up of expert legal translators who will translate all your contracts, agreements, terms and conditions and any other binding or official document. We also offer sworn translations for documents for legal purposes.

Contracts… Terms and conditions… Sworn translations...

Financial translations

Finance, markets, stock exchanges and accounting are highly specialised topics that can be difficult to translate. Our Financial Translation department will provide you with accurate translations of texts requiring specialist terminology.

Stock exchange… Economy… Accounting…

Scientific and medical translations

Accuracy and precision are the watchwords in our Scientific Translation department, a team of specialists in this field. Knowledge and application of the correct terms are their priority for all your reports, studies, papers and articles.

Medicine… Pharmacology… Veterinary medicine… 

Technical translations

Technical data sheets, safety information, user manuals, product catalogues, patents, information on manufacturing processes and maintenance work are translated with attention to detail and precision by our Technical Translation department.

Mechanics… Technology… Aeronautics… 

Public sector translations

The State, Europe, international affairs and diplomacy are major topics for all institutions; our translators' knowledge of this kind of language is grounded in their experience in topics such as economics, politics, and environmental and societal issues.

Politics… Home affairs… The environment… 

Culture and arts translations

Our Culture and Arts Translation department guarantees translations that convey all your passion for art, history and culture, with solid experience in translating for art exhibitions, museums and galleries.

Art… Architecture… History… 

Tourism translations

Do you want to attract people to your region, campsite, hotel or institution? Our translators will not just translate your publicity or offering, but will ensure it appeals to your foreign target market.

Holidays... Gastronomy… Wine tourism... 


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