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Top tips for a tip-top holiday

Published 22/07/2015

It’s that time of year when the sun is shining and you’re counting down the days to your holiday… but going away can sometimes be tiring (we often come home feeling like we need another holiday to recover!) or stressful to organize. To get the most out of this year’s vacation The Home of Translation has been doing some research into top holiday tips. Here are our three favourite:


Last minute bookings

If you’re still not sure where to go, use websites such as to book accommodation, flights or even hire cars at the last minute to get serious reductions. If you’re not too fussed about the destination, don’t be afraid to wait until the very last moment to book your holiday!*


Package holidays

Lots of people think package holidays are too expensive and consider the ‘DIY’ option a much cheaper alternative. We did too at the Home of Translation, until we did some reading around and found out that, actually, there are some very enticing advantages to booking a package holiday.

Firstly, packages that include travel and accommodation often work out cheaper because companies offering packages can get good deals with airlines and hotels. Secondly, a package holiday will ensure that you visit the top locations, attractions and sites and, in case of closure, will offer a suitable alternative, since it is the company’s job to make sure you enjoy yourself! Lastly, having an itinerary or list of activities organized for you can allow you to discover the best aspects of a foreign country whose culture and language you know nothing about.


Hassle-free navigation

Tired of getting lost on holiday? Use Navmii, a free navigation app that is available offline and can be used to navigate all over the world… a top tip for avoiding ‘detours’ thanks to out of date SatNavs or unreliable map reading!


We hope you have a great summer, and feel free to post your holiday snaps on our facebook page, or why not leave a comment to tell us about your own experiences?

Happy Holidays!

The Home of Translation


*Of course, don’t count on these websites if you have your heart set on one particular destination – you can’t be sure that you’ll find last minute prices for where you want to go and might end up being disappointed!


For booking your holidays last minute:

For savvy navigation:

For more travel tips:

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