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Published 22/01/2013

Hello and welcome to our brand new website! Here you are at the spiritual “home” of translation specialists Peter Hancock and Garry Hutton. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a long-standing customer, here you’ll find a whole bunch of new information about us and what we do. We’ve even included a few (rather fetching) photos of the team. More importantly, we’ve decided to launch our very own blog, or rather blogs, where different members of the team will be giving you the latest news and views from our offices in English, French and Spanish. This is our chance to share interesting stories and ideas, and to keep you up to date with all the latest goings on at the home of translation.

Here at the Home of Translation, we believe that a strong, reactive online presence is absolutely essential for any modern company. The internet is at the heart of our business, because we believe whole-heartedly in the power of communication. To us communication is all about sharing: creating international networks of translators, businesses, institutions and language lovers, celebrating our cultural diversity and shared humanity in a world where borders and time zones mean less than ever. That’s why you can find us and join in the global conversation on Facebook and Twitter , and that’s why we’re so proud of our dynamic, interactive website. Here you can get to know our team and our business, take part in one of our monthly competitions, or just leave us a note!

The internet has made international communication easier than ever, but to communicate with impact you still need world-class language skills, and that’s where we come in. Above all we are passionate about languages, and about the way languages sculpt and define our cultures, our relationships and the ways in which we do business. With dozens of native translators from all over the world, representing a wealth of expertise and experience in languages both popular and obscure, The Home of Translation can ensure that your words ring out loud and clear anywhere on the planet. And now with our new website, a top-quality translation is only a click away! It’s never been easier to get a quote, order instantly online or speak directly to one of our translation experts. Welcome to the real home of translation.

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