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Google Translate: holidays at your own risk!

Vom 12/08/2014

Yes we know you’re on holiday and very busy relaxing! But as you are taking a break looking at our blog, let us reassure you that if your holidays or those of your guests visiting France are going well, it is certainly partly due to translators who remain on call during this highly risky period, the summer holidays! You don’t believe us?

Have you noticed that your holidays are fraught with signs, posters and menus which can transform your time off into a treasure hunt? It seems that for some service providers it is simply easier to resort to Google Translate to address their foreign clientele! Google Translate: at an arm’s reach, easy to use, quick (should I say, instantaneous!) and above all…free!

Except that free does not always equate to quality! Though it does sometimes provide a good laugh! Being good sports, we’re offering you a small selection of the best of the worst. Otherwise for any emergencies, call the Home of Translation, we’re open all summer!


This summer, you can try some new flavours:

Be made to feel especially welcome (oops!):

Be guided by some “helpful” signs:

Or feel totally perplexed while out shopping:





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