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Artificial Intelligence*: Streamlining Data Processing and Translation

Vom 04/04/2024

In today's fast-paced world, time is of the essence, especially in industries where efficiency and accuracy are paramount. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) steps in as a game-changer, revolutionising the way repetitive and time-consuming tasks are handled. Among the myriad of AI applications, ChatGPT stands out as a versatile tool with immense potential, particularly in data...

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Machine translation: is human translation under threat?

Vom 27/07/2021

In recent years, the technology responsible for machine translation has improved dramatically, mirroring other industries and raising the question of how likely machines are to replace human labour. Machine translation can take a lot of the arduous work out of more simple or repetitive translations and hugely speed up the process. Instruction manuals are an excellent example of where...

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Machine translation: what is it and how reliable is it?

Vom 19/03/2021

Machine translation is the automated translation of a text, based on computer algorithms and without human involvement. There are three main types of machine translation systems: rules-based, statistical, and neural. Rules-based systems use linguistic information collected from dictionaries, and grammar rules on the main semantic, morphological, and syntactic structures of a...

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The Home of Translation at VivaTech: humanoids among the robots

Vom 07/05/2019

From the 16th to 18th May 2019, a brand-new type of android is coming to the 4th edition of VivaTech : translators of the humanoid kind . VivaTechnology is considered as the number-one European rendezvous for the global Tech industry. It is a celebration of innovation and technology , showcasing the major groups and start-ups shaping the world of today and tomorrow. The event is...

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What is interpreting?

Vom 08/01/2019

What does an interpreter actually do, and what are the biggest challenges of the job? We caught up with our interpreting manager, Karl Fortier, to find out more: What’s the difference between the different types of interpreting? There are 4 types of interpreting, each one suits a different situation: Simultaneous interpreting This is the most common...

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Linguali-IS: brand new translation technology put to the test

Vom 11/04/2016

  Last Friday (8 April), the Home of Translation provided interpreters for an unusual event as part of the Semaine digitale #SDBX5 week in Bordeaux, organised by Bordeaux Métropole and the City of Bordeaux. During the “La Grande Jonction” conference at 11am, the brand new Linguali-IS system was used in the place of traditional translation equipment. It was the...

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Translation: back to the future!

Vom 22/10/2015

Yesterday, 21st October 2015, was ‘back to the future day’, when Marty McFly arrived ‘in the future’, summoned by Doc to come to the aid of his and Jennifer's children children and… well, we won’t spoil it for you! No, the aim of this article is not to ruin the film for the few who might not have seen it (although let's face it, who...

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Eureka! Or not…

Vom 24/06/2015

Some of the world’s best inventions were created by accident or complete chance, such as the Tarte Tatin, the famous French pastry that was made when a traditional recipe went wrong at Hôtel Tatin in Lamotte-Beuvron; other inventions seem to be completely crazy ideas that in the end take off, and still others result from careful planning, innovation and savvy entrepreneurship....

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